Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Volleyball Tryouts First Cuts

We are happy to announce the players that have made it through the first cuts. Additional cuts will be made on Thursday July 23rd. Thanks to everyone that has tried out. 



Andres, Claire

Andres, Alexa

Clark, Madison

Compton, Kendall

Gainsford, Leila

Huffman, Gillian

Maddocks, Emily

Michel, Camryn

Siglin, Emma 

Smith, Tess

Thornton, Milana

Tomsche, Karlee




14 Kyla Williams 

16 Sydney Tincher

17 M’ryah Messias

18 Mary Kreiger

23 Makayla Edmond

24 Benita Ekwalla

26 Emma Gillis

28 Arden Greene

30 Kayla Mack 

36 Brooke Rowlette

37 Da’nya Satterfield

38 Kayli Stewart

39 Raeya Townsend

41 Jaila Sewell

42 Tess McBride

41 Aicha Seck